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Try to exercise your treated muscles for 2 – 3 hours after treatment (e.g. practice frowning, raising your eyebrows or squinting). This helps to work BOTOX into your muscles. Although this is thought to help, it will not impact negatively on your treatment if you forget to do this.


Do NOT rub or massage the treated areas for 24 hours after your treatment.


Do NOT apply make-up for 4 hours after your treatment.


Do NOT lie down or do strenuous exercise for 4 hours after treatment.


Be assured that any tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours after your treatment.


Results of your treatment may take up to 14 hours to take full effect. If you feel we missed an area or need a top up please contact us 14 days after your treatment.


We strive to fully satisfy our patients with each treatment. If you have any questions about your treatment, then please do not hesitate to contact our office on 7125611. We will arrange a followup assessment. If you experience any difficulty with your vision, breathing or swallowing after your treatment, please contact the clinic immediately.


The results of your BOTOX treatment are not permanent. You may find that your results will last approximately 3 to 4 months. If your maintain your treatment appointments with the frequency recommended by Dr Buckley, the duration of each treatment result may last longer than 4 months.


Initially, we see our patients between the 3-month (12 weeks) and 4-month (16 week) time period. The best clinical results can be achieved for you during this period. If you allow BOTOX to completely wear off, it is difficult for Dr Buckley to be able to see how your individual muscles reacted and therefore optimal results for YOUR face can be more difficult to achieve.


BOTOX requires a special technique in order to customise the injections to your individual muscular structure. Thus, it is important that Dr Buckley sees you again before your muscles resume the full range of motion (and cause wrinkling again). Dr Buckley needs to see you at the point when some muscle activity resumes, but before the effects of BOTOX fully wear off. It is only at this point that Dr Buckley can customise the treatment to give you the best effect for your face.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us directly.


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